Club membership committee

Role and Responsibilities
To be effective, a Rotary club needs members. Your club’s ability to serve the community, support The Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders capable of serving Rotary beyond the club level is directly related to the strength and size of your club’s membership base.

The membership committee develops and implements an action plan for recruiting, retaining, and educating club members.

The membership committee has the following responsibilities, which are explained in this manual:
• Achieving club membership goals for the coming year (see Membership Section of the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs)
• Educating and training club members about the importance of recruitment and retention of qualified, diverse members (see Recruitment, Classifications, Retention, and Education)
• Conducting classification surveys to ensure the classifications are relevant to current business trends (see Classifications)
• Conducting club assessments to ensure membership development efforts are effective (see Retention)
• Developing an action plan for the club to act as a sponsor club for a new club organized in the district, if applicable (see Organizing New Clubs)
Working with Club Committees
The membership committee should work with the following club committees to meet membership goals:
• Public relations committee (to elevate the image of your club in the community, making it more attractive to potential members and building pride in current members)
• Service projects committee (to ensure that service projects are relevant to club members and to involve non-Rotarians in service projects to better understand the opportunities for service that Rotary membership provides)
• Club administration committee (to plan weekly programs that educate members about Rotary and address their personal needs and interests)

Depending on the goals of your committee, it may have the following subcommittees:
• Recruitment
• Classifications
• Retention
• Prospective member education
• New member orientation and education
• Continuing member education
• Family of Rotary

Membership – Creates and implements a comprehensive plan for finding and keeping club members.

Club membership committee
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