I am so much proud of our Interactors who have graduated yesterday! My feeling was so elated knowing that 6 awards were given to our dear Interactors!!!

Kah Yuan mentioned in his Valedictory Address how Interact Club gave the opportunity to him to serve the community and how he was groomed by the Staff Advisers of the club. He was so thankful to all of us. Truly, he made us proud

They made us proud!

Here are the awards:

1. Tan Kah Yuan
ITE CE Excellence Award
Outstanding Top Student Award for Nursing

Kah Yuan will also be receiving awards such as ITE LKY CCA Award and Tay Eng Soon Award will be given in ITE HQ.

2. Muhammad Rizam Bin Rahman
Outstanding Top Student Award for Nursing
ITE CE Special Award for Community Service

3. Ong Han Qin Zane
Outstanding Top Student Award for Business School

4. Liew Kay Nee Hazel
ITE CE Special Award for Arts (nominated by Sand Art Animation Club; also an Interactor)

And to note also, the rest of the graduands from Interact Club would like to extend their gratitude to the Staff Advisers because most of them were able to get to pursue their studies in polytechnics.

All of these successes that the club have achieved is because of our FULL TRUST that we have given them and for grooming them the best that they can be. Each one of us have played a vital role in our students' successes.

Kudos to us!!!

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