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    Free Course Fee for Rotary volunteers -- Certificate IV in TESOL

    We do community service by reaching out to people who have greater needs than us. One of the areas that we can help is in the teaching of English. As you are also aware, right now, we have a "Train to Trainers" programme in West Timor under MG#71103.

    The trainer is Ms Margaret Heather from the Rotary Club of Armadale, Perth, Western Australia.

    My friend, Zak Salleh-Chew, is offering 2 members of Rotary fraternity to do the course for free (with no Certificate). This is about making a difference in the lives of people less fortunate. Whether you have a certificate or not does not affect the ability to help. That is up to 180hrs of training. What say you?

    If you are interested, please contact me. See below for the course content.

    Fyi, I have attended a similar programme several years back... and a few of us are now involved in a "Conversational English for Foreigners" at YMCA Orchard every Tuesday night. This is FREE of charge for participants. We invite walk-ins.
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    Every School A Star - Literacy resource guide from Rotary International

    Ideas and resources for starting a literacy project in your community.

    Immigrant parents often rely on their children to translate materials into their native language. As a result, communication between the home and classroom and parental involvement in school activities can be severely limited. But English as a second language (ESL) programs can help..
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    Any of your friends would like to participate, let me know. Lessons are at "giveaway rates". Please note: Lessons are given by "trainee teachers" as part of the graduation program...

    Dear Ban Seng,

    We need your help.

    Heartpower TESOL is a registered CELTA training centre with the University of Cambridge ESOL Department. In the TESOL training industry, being a CELTA training centre means we have met the highest standards of TESOL training in the world.

    An integral and defining part of CELTA is Teaching Practice. Centres are required to provide authentic classroom situations for trainees to teach and be assessed on. Heartpower TESOL's Teaching Practice Programme is called the Learn Good English Programme (LGEP).

    We need students who want to learn English. Students need to be over 18.
    1. Mon, Tue and Wed. 1pm-3pm 29 Mar - 19 Apr (Elementary Student
    2. Mon, Tue and Wed. 1pm-3pm 20 Mar - 18 May (Intermediate Students)
    3. Sat and Sun. 10am - 12pm 2 Apr - 24 Apr (Elementary Students)
    4. Sat and Sun 10am -12pm 30 Apr - 22 May (Intermediate Students)
    Cost - $50 with a free text book. Pearson Longman's New Cutting Edge series and handouts.

    We require Elementary and Intermediate level students. If a student is unsure of his/her level, they can drop by and our trainers will chat and assess on the spot if they are suitable for either level. All classes will be held on our premises.

    Please pass this message around.

    Please email to tesol@heartpower.com.sg or call us on 6536 2193.

    Many thanks and kind regards,

    Heartpower TESOL


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