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    Avenues of Service

    For years, Rotary’s commitment to Service Above Self has been channeled through the Avenues of Service, which form the foundation of club activity. To get started on a project, think broadly about how your club and its members could contribute within each avenue.

    Vocational Service involves club members serving others through their professions and aspiring to high ethical standards. Rotarians, as business leaders, share skills and expertise through their vocations, and they inspire others in the process

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    Rotary's Strategic Plan

    The new Rotary's Strategic Plan comes into effect from 1 July 2010. I like these much simplified 3 pointers. So much easier to focus!

    The Strategic Plan comprises three priorities, all of equal importance to Rotary's future:

    1. Support and strengthen clubs,
    2. Focus and increase humanitarian service, and
    3. Enhance public image and awareness.

    These priorities stem from Rotary’s 5 core values, namely, Service, Leadership, Diversity, Integrity, Fellowship.

    Click below to download the Strategic Plan:

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    The RI Board established key messages on vocational service as follows:

    * Rotarians, clubs, and districts should implement the following strategies in their support of Vocational Service:

    * Strengthen the emphasis on vocation and classification in new member recruitment and induction.

    * Identify means of emphasizing vocation in club activities.

    * Create a stronger emphasis on business networking with integrity in Rotary at the club and district level.

    * Focus more attention on business networking with integrity as a means of attracting and mentoring the new generation.

    * Emphasize the connection between the Four Way Test and the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions and their importance to the values of Rotary.

    Source: http://www.rotary.org/en/Members/PoliciesAndProcedures/BoardDecisions/Pages/BoardHighlights1011.aspx

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    What is Vocational Service?

    October is Rotary Vocational Service Month. When someone asks you what vocational service is, what do you tell them?

    Vocational service can be expressed in many ways, and for this reason it is often misunderstood. It connects with the other Avenues of Service (Club, Community, International and New Generations), but is a unique concept based on Rotarians’ diverse professional skills and commitment to integrity.

    The Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers pairs American and Ecuadorian dental school students to provide dental services to people in remote areas of Ecuador. This is vocational service.

    The Rotary Club of Amritsar North, India has developed a Tailoring and Dress Design Training Centre for young girls from underprivileged families. The girls are given job training and employment upon completing the six-month program. This is vocational service.

    The Rotary Club of Durham, NC, USA hosts an annual ethics luncheon to discuss current topics relevant to people with an interest in innovative applications to service projects. This is vocational service, too.

    Vocational service is:
    • Using your professional skills to serve others
    • Promoting job training and professional development for others
    • Exemplifying integrity and high ethical standards in your work
    Many Rotary Community Corps around the world help unemployed community members build job skills. This Vocational Service Month, think about how you can use RCCs to promote Rotary’s ethical values, while also encouraging professional development for those who need it most.
    Read the action items on the right-side column for tips on involving clubs in your district in vocational service, either as a supplement to their current service projects, or as a new program of its own.

    Happy October!

    Warm regards,

    Beth Santos
    Program Coordinator, Rotary Service
    Rotary International
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