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    Charter of Rotaract Club of United Nations, District 3310, in now official!

    Dear DG Zainee


    I must thank you for your advice and guidance on what we need to do to move forward.

    I am also most happy to inform that I have received the Certificate of recognition for the establishment of the Rotaract Club of United Nations on 15 June 2012, signed by RI President Kalyan Banerjee. I have co-signed the Certificate and this would be presented to the Rotaract Club of UN

    I fully agree with you that to avoid confusion and miscommunication, there should only be one key contact from Rotary E-Club of 3310 with the Rotaract Club of UN.

    Rtn Rowena has been our key contact with UNAS all along in laying the foundation and getting the UNAS Youth Council's endorsement to set up the Rotaract Club of UN under the sponsorship of the Rotary E-Club of 3310. She is a member of the UNAS Youth Council and Rotary E-Club of 3310, and thus uniquely positioned to bridge the 2 organisations, i.e. UNAS and Rotary.

    I would like to reaffirm that Rtn Rowena be our Club's key contact for the Rotaract Club of UN. Other members of the Rotary E-Club of 3310 can offer their assistance as and when requested by the Rotaract Club of UN.

    There is already a formal structure for the Rotaractors to interact, consult and collaborate with each other at District level. I trust the Rotaractors would know when to ask for assistance and support when they need the sponsoring Club's guidance.

    I have always agreed with your approach that dicussions at Club level be confined to the Club members involved.

    Cheers, and warmest regards,

    Tan May Yan
    President 2011/2012
    Rotary E-Club of 3310
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