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    Matching Grant #76829 - Closing report


    Using a satellite school, the project aims to:

    To meet the distinct educational, emotional, and livelihood preparedness needs of vulnerable youths

    To expedite the high school diploma completion of vulnerable youths who are mostly co breadwinners

    To provide the Dept of Education data that would influence the policies of public high school system particularly for vulnerable youths


    Participation rate of youths at risk increased as their needs are provided.

    Academic performance is improved compared to their old school records without the interventions.

    Behavioral modifications significantly improve manifested through disbandment from gangs, drinking sprees, night outs, and only 2% teenage pregnancy.

    Twenty (20) students (senior and accelerated) completed High School and can land either in a dignified job or college scholarship.

    100% passing rate for senior students in Hotel Housekeeping Trade test by the government agency.


    The project was implemented in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. One hundred one (101) students availed of the program. They come mostly from troubled homes and are slum dwellers from 15 villages.

    They are between 15-25 years of age categorized as youths at risk of injustice because they have low educational level and lack skills but are co breadwinners. They are also raised in areas with distorted modeling of child support and development. Drug trade, sodomy, child prostitution, and other subhuman cultures are rampant in their communities and some students are even actively engaged. All services such as Treatment Program, Family Enrichment, Academic and Skills Training were mostly implemented in the school except during camping.

    They were run between June 2012 and May 2013. Boys and girls have equal access to the program.
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