Fellow Rotarians

It's time to know your vocation better.
I will be emailing you individually to request for the following :

a. Your Vocation in Rotary
b. What you actually do for a living (if it has changed)
c. What is your Passion
d. What you would like to contribute as a form of Vocational Service (if possible)
e. Ideas & suggestion for Voc Service in our E-Club

Do watch out for my mail in this couple of days.
Instead of mass mailing, I rather have a one-on-one chat to know your preference.
If you are more comfortable for me to do a telephone interview, I shall dial in to you.

The information gathered will be compiled for the club's record.
Should you choose not to have it recorded, do let me know in your email response and I shall omit your input.

FYI, I am in the process of organising a Vocation Talk for ITE Interactors, introducing my Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.
Once firmed, I will invite you to grace the occasion.