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    Vocational Service - Getting to know your Vocation

    Fellow Rotarians

    It's time to know your vocation better.
    I will be emailing you individually to request for the following :

    a. Your Vocation in Rotary
    b. What you actually do for a living (if it has changed)
    c. What is your Passion
    d. What you would like to contribute as a form of Vocational Service (if possible)
    e. Ideas & suggestion for Voc Service in our E-Club

    Do watch out for my mail in this couple of days.
    Instead of mass mailing, I rather have a one-on-one chat to know your preference.
    If you are more comfortable for me to do a telephone interview, I shall dial in to you.

    The information gathered will be compiled for the club's record.
    Should you choose not to have it recorded, do let me know in your email response and I shall omit your input.

    FYI, I am in the process of organising a Vocation Talk for ITE Interactors, introducing my Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.
    Once firmed, I will invite you to grace the occasion.
    Yours in Rotary.

    Chee-Wee ONG
    (65) 9489 9378

    skype : ong.chee.wee
    twitter : ongcheewee

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    Dear all

    As mentioned in the start of the post, I've emailed you individually regarding your inputs.
    I do appreciate if you can take time to reply as I will be collating your views and presenting them in the coming physical meeting in Nov 12.
    Thank you for your support.

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    What exactly is Vocational Service?

    Vocational Service is the Second Avenue of Service. No aspect of Rotary is more closely related to each member than a personal commitment to represent one's vocation or occupation to fellow Rotarians, and to exemplify the characteristics of high ethical standards and the dignity of work.

    Programs of vocational service are those that seek to improve business relations while improving the quality of trades, industry, commerce and the professions. Rotarians understand that each person makes a valuable contribution to a better society through daily activities in a business or profession.

    Vocational Service is frequently demonstrated by offering young people career guidance, occupational information and assistance in making vocational choices. Some clubs sponsor high school career conferences.

    Many recognize the dignity of employment by honouring exemplary service of individuals working in their communities. The 4-Way Test and other ethical and laudable business philosophies are often promoted among young people entering the world of work. Vocational talks and discussion of business issues are also typical Vocational Service programs at most clubs.

    Regardless of the ways in which Vocational Service is expressed, it is the banner by which Rotarians "recognize the worthiness of all useful occupations" and demonstrate a commitment to "high ethical standards.”

    Vocational service is perhaps the easiest among the 5 Avenues of Service to implement. It does not need a whole club or much resources to do so. If we only learn to incorporate the ideals and ethical standards of what being a Rotarian is all about, then Vocational service comes naturally. It is helping others through the use of one's talents or skills, sharing of experiences and knowledge gained through the years in order to guide another individual to similarly excel in his chosen field of expertise, profession or other means of livelihood.

    Let's have a meaningful observation of the Vocational Service month of October, so that others too may finally understand what it truly means and it's important role in Rotary service.

    (Source: Loyola Star October issue - PP Jesse Tanchanco)
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