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    MG project for undernouru​shed children in the Philippine​s

    Greetings to all Chinese for a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year.

    I have a proposed Matching Grant project from Rotary Club of Tagum in R.I. district 3860 to create a mobile food bank vehicle to carry food to feed undernourished children in many remote villages in Mindanao, Philippines; and also to back up to cook and serve emergency food for disaster victims.

    I think it is a worthy & meaningful project.

    So, I wish to engage the Rotary clubs to join hand as international partners with some cash contribution. If you and your club are interested, please contact me at: loonshin@yahoo.com The MG application form is being worked up.

    Well, I appreciate an early reply since the MG application dateline is very near.

    Thank you very much.

    PP Dr Ho


    Footnote: Following PP Dr Ho's conversations with PE Vicky Soo, she has agreed to contribute US$1K as part of Matching Grant towards this project. Rotary E-Club of 3310 shall become the Internationl Partner in this community service project!!!
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    MG Project site: Outside Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines

    This proposed project area of focus is disease prevention and treatment. Its primary objective is to regularly feed malnourished children on a weekly basis -- and provide them supplemental vitamins until they attain ideal/normal weight -- among the “poorest of the poor” in the 23 rural villages outside Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Mindanao, in southern Philippines. At least 800 hundred identified undernourished children will benefit from the ongoing feeding programs over a three year period. The noble aim is to eradicate the malnutrition problem in pre-school children locally. In the first place, “Healthy body is every child’s basic right”.

    To effectively execute the program, will require purchasing one (1) unit van which will be converted into a MOBILE KITCHEN CUM FOODBANK. The said vehicle is a Toyota liteace cargo with 2c engine, 4 wheel drive—newly conditioned, original surplus from Japan in good running condition. It will be used to cook and carry the prepared food to the 23 remote villages. Timetable for the completion of “MOBILE KITCHEN CUM FOODBANK” van including its remodeling/conversion will only take about 6 months.

    With close supervision and regular 3-monthly follow-up visits to the 23 villages, Rotarians from ROTARY CLUB OF TAGUM will work with the mothers to monitor the progress of the fed children. The mothers of the children will be given health education on getting the right kind of meals to feed them after the program. The local government health agencies will also be roped in to see that the children healthy progress is maintained.

    The cooperating organisation, the TAGUM CITY CHILDREN’S RELIEF, INC. (TCCRI), will provide a list of identified malnourished children in the 23 villages. The host club team of ten Rotarians will advise the cooperating organisation to find a reliable dealer to select and purchase the van that best serves the purpose of the mobile kitchen cum foodbank. The van will be painted with the Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation logo to promote Rotary awareness. The ten Rotarians will monitor closely to ensure that the van is put to good use for the feeding program.

    The international partners will be invited to witness the handling-over of the van and also visit some of the malnourished children being fed. All the international partners will engage the mass media to publish the completed project in the newspapers to create Rotary awareness and to show the good work of the Rotary Foundation in giving the grant, thereby improving the good PR image of Rotary in their communities.

    Budget item / Name of supplier
    1. Toyota liteace cargo with 2c engine, 4 wheel drive / GVA Motors and Service Center
    2. Remodeling/Renovation to set-up mobile kitchen / Easy Motor Shop, Apokon, Tagum City
    3. Kitchen implements/cooking equipment/utensils / NCCC Mall, National Highway, Tagum City
    Total in US $20,150

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    The Rotary Foundation - Matching Grant #79054 Acknowledgement Letter

    On 12 March 2013, The Rotary Foundation (TRF) received a request to help provide mobile kitchen van cum foodbank and equipment to feed malnourished children at 11 Barangays outside Tagum City in Davao del Norte, Philippines.

    Your request has been assigned the file number, Matching Grant #79054. Please reference this number on all future correspondence with Foundation Staff.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Janna Glucksman
    Grant Coordinator
    Humanitarian Grants Staff
    Phone: (847) 424-5397
    Fax: (847) 556-2151
    E-mail: janna.glucksman@rotary.org

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    Matching Grant #79064 - Matching Grant Approved

    We have received formal approval and PE Vicky has made the necessary payment to TRF.

    President Jennifer has also signed the MG Agreement (see attached) for this project in Davao.
    Attached Images
    Attached Files

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    Mobile Kitchen cum Foodbank hand-over ceremony

    Dear President Borge Galgo et al,

    Hope this email find you all in good spirit and health !

    Through our earlier correspondence on Facebook I understand that the handing- over ceremony is scheduled on 12.04.14 or there about.

    We are now getting our team ready to come over for the ceremony and to visit the villages and centres you are using now to feed the children. Please let me have the visiting programme soon for our necessary action.

    I understand from David that you would like some English children books for the new 3 storey library, we will try to bring some. I can bring about 200 new T-shirts for the children. Please let me know if you need anything else. Would women's under garments and sanitary towels and pampers be sought after as we do have a donor ?

    I have copied all Clubs/parties involved . Hope to hear from you soon.

    President Vicky SOO

    Rotary EClub of 3310
    +65 98153983


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