A little over 30 years ago, Rotarians Alan and Marie Hickman were the Salvation Army Officers serving in Melaka. There was a clear need identified to provide education for disabled young people and, with Rotary support, a school was opened to meet that need. At the time there were around 15 children and one teacher.

The project has grown and the focus switched to young people with learning disabilities. The centre now caters for young people from pre-school (age 3) to vocational training for young adults (16-20+) with an enrolment of around 80.

There is now a need to provide a wider range of facilities, particularly playground equipment for the use of the pupils. The equipment would also be used by the residents of an adjacent children home (this is part of a much bigger project).

The Salvation Army, who operates the centre, will commit to ongoing maintenance of the playground although they are not able to find the initial supply and siting cost. There is, however, an amount included in the initial cost to fund resiting, and ongoing maintenance.

Rotary Club of Kota Melaka is the host club. The project is supported by Rotary E-Club of 3310. One of its members, PP James Tian Toh Kian, has special interest in the school as both a Rotarian and Salvationist.

The Host Club has been involved in the selection of the equipment and will provide supervision of the installation process.

In addition to fundraising and publicity activities, close contact will also be maintained by the International Partner and the recipients through PE Alan Hickman (Rotary Club of Keighley).

Total amount sought from The Rotary Foundation is US$15,750 (including rounding off for Foreign Exchange difference).