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Thread: Rotary Lunches

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    Rotary Lunches

    As a resident from South Africa , I find that it is very challenging to do make ups at Foreign countries because the rand rate of exchange is so low. I recently was in Madrid and the Euro was at an all time high . I feel that we should offer concessions to visiting Rotarians from other countries , perhaps a discounted meal charge or even a subsidized meal .It would certianly promote friendship and encourage Rotarians to visit their neighboring clubs and enjoy fellowship . Perhaps the cost is not an issue for most Rotarians , but I do feel that it would show some understanding amongst our fellows.

    I would like to share the views of other Rotarians on this matter .

    Kind Regards

    AG Gianna Doubell

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    i second this

    I agree, but with a rider. Why do clubs not "host" international guests. My club normally has 0-2 international guests per week. The guest could always contribute to the service box collection.

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    Complimentary Meals at Markup meetings

    For the records, if you come for Rotary E-Club of 3310's physical meetings on every second Thursday of the month, you come ' As Our Guest ' i.e. there is no charge even though we provide a nice spread of sushi each time.

    However, guests are welcome to make a small contribution to the "Sunshine Box". The collection is used entirely for community projects as the need arises.

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    Visiting Rotarians

    Thank you for the responses .

    It is now two years later and I am still visiting many Rotary Clubs .
    I really feel that we should make it easier for International Rotarians to visit local clubs . Sometimes it is difficult to know when clubs are having a meeting or where it is being held .

    Rotary.org website is a valuable tool in offering assistance in this regard
    By typing in an area , meeting times and various clubs are displayed .

    I have installed the " Rotary Club Locator" app on my Smart Phone and i find it so good in locating clubs and their meeting times

    We should share this information .

    Another app which is wonderful is "i am Rotarian" - This locates registered Rotarians in your vicinity . Great idea for networking !
    I think that it is so important to cultivate the networking spirit of Rotary in the world .

    Any other suggestions ?

    Gianna Doubell

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    thanks. the apps mentioned should be useful on my next travel.


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