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    The publication department is looking for some exciting vibrant club stories to be included in the updated publication Be A Vibrant Club.

    Here are some criteria of a vibrant club:

    A club is vibrant when it has engaged members, meaningful projects, flexibility, fun and new ideas, community awareness, effective committees, and/or a unique identity or personality. The department is interested in stories from clubs that have turned themselves around (“from boring to vibrant”) and found success by trying something new. They would prefer it to be relevant to one or more of the best practices covered in the publication. The end result can be measurable, such as increasing membership. For example, they have more members volunteering to serve in leadership roles, members are happy and attending meetings more frequently, they’re setting and meeting short- and long-range goals (hopefully in Rotary Club Central!), etc.

    The best practices are:

    • Decide where your club wants to be in three to five years.

    • Set annual goals and enter them into Rotary Club Central

    • Hold assemblies often to keep members engaged and passionate

    • Communicate openly in your club

    • Prepare members for future roles to maintain smooth leadership transition

    • Adapt your club’s bylaws to support the way your club works

    • Develop strong relationships within your club

    • Make sure that every member is involved in an activity that genuinely interests them

    • Coach new and current members to lead

    • Create committees that are practical for your club
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