I apologise for not posting updates for 3 days already.
Internet seems impossible sometimes.

The quickest is via facebook, so see photos there:

A few clubs have further contributed to to our fund-raising campaign;
I will find time later to update the donor list. So sorry.

My field trips have been helpful.
I am able to assess the local bad situation better.
I will discuss with friends here some unmet needs we should consider doing.

Food and water are well taken cared of in most communities
except those in the out-skirts -- still needed.
Medical care looks well served too.
No spread of infectious diseases seen.
Security is good, no more looting.
Roads are open up, travelling by car/bus ok.
Can fly into Tacloban from Cebu, can boat out from Ormoc to Cebu - 3 x a day
Problem: no electricity in Tacloban & Ormoc -- that mean no WiFi in hotels!

I can see a 'cornucopia' 'society helping out in Leyte.
People of all kinds are helping out.

I will give a talk to RC Cebu, since many have not been to Tacloban yet.

Will write again.

Dr Ho