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    Typhoon Haiyan update from Cebu, Leyte

    I apologise for not posting updates for 3 days already.
    Internet seems impossible sometimes.

    The quickest is via facebook, so see photos there:

    A few clubs have further contributed to to our fund-raising campaign;
    I will find time later to update the donor list. So sorry.

    My field trips have been helpful.
    I am able to assess the local bad situation better.
    I will discuss with friends here some unmet needs we should consider doing.

    Food and water are well taken cared of in most communities
    except those in the out-skirts -- still needed.
    Medical care looks well served too.
    No spread of infectious diseases seen.
    Security is good, no more looting.
    Roads are open up, travelling by car/bus ok.
    Can fly into Tacloban from Cebu, can boat out from Ormoc to Cebu - 3 x a day
    Problem: no electricity in Tacloban & Ormoc -- that mean no WiFi in hotels!

    I can see a 'cornucopia' 'society helping out in Leyte.
    People of all kinds are helping out.

    I will give a talk to RC Cebu, since many have not been to Tacloban yet.

    Will write again.

    Dr Ho

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    Rotarians from Rotary E-Club 3310 and of RI District 3310

    Thank you PP Dr Ho Loon Shin... and International Service Director Elly Ho for being on the scenes of the natural disaster.

    Please keep the news flowing, especially with more photos. They are more meaningful in such situations. Thanks!

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    Updates from Cebu...

    Dear Rotarians,

    I know many Rotarians and friends in Malaysia/Spore/Brunei wants to help out in the Philippines disaster relief mission. Let me tell you the conditions on the ground and requirements from my assessment.

    The place for action is in Tacloban and Ormoc on Leyte Island -- 1 hour + - air time from Manila or Cebu city. Ferry from Cebu city is 2.5 hours to Ormoc only. Ormoc to Tacloban is 3-4 hr by road. Can arrange to fly folks to Tacloban by military plane from Cebu if no commercial flights is available (fully booked).*

    There is no electricity in either cities; no hotels in Tacloban. Hotel in Ormoc gives a special discount for Rotarians at 1250 PHP per night -- expect no towel or room service, no WIFI. In other words, you have to rough it out -- not easy. Carry your own sleeping bag will be advisable.

    We need volunteers to rebuild schools: those with carpentry skills, ability to paint, repair stools, chairs and tables, and shelves will be helpful. Of course, cash is KING to use money to buy building tools. Need chain saws to cut down fallen trees.

    Please let me know if you satisfy the above conditions and I will organise a trip. It is no holiday.

    I am prepared to give talks at any club in Spore, Johor when I return home today.
    Thank you.

    Dr Ho Loon Shin
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    Latest Updates on Fund-raising Efforts

    Rotarians and friends,


    New total is about: RM 447,000 -- a fantastic figure.

    Last night, I have returned from the Philippines, safe & slightly injured my right knee.*I appreciate all the kind wishes for my safe mission to three islands of Cebu, Leyte and Samar.

    The trip was a great success. Many report and photos are posted on R.I. District 3310 facebook page.

    DG Edgar Chiongbian (D3860) and DG Mark (D3850) and many Rotarians from the Philippines have expressed their greatest gratitude and thanks to you all for the generous and unconditional love.

    At the end of the day it is the team effort, and applause goes to all the Rotary clubs, Rotarians, their families, Rotary friends, and*many unsung heroes quietly working with us.

    Ho Loon Shin
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    Purchase order for Water Ultrafiltration System

    We are now placing orders for 10 units to be shipped urgently to Cebu, Philippines via UPS.

    We hope that these can be delivered and installed for beneficiaries before relief water supply is cut off.

    The contributors for these 10 water filters are:-

    RI District 3310 - 4 units
    Rotary E-Club of 3310 - 2 units
    Rotary Club of Cebu - 4 units
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