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20th January 2021, 9:13


GG Safe Water Gardens (SWGs) is an innovative sanitation solution designed to suit the living environment of typical Indonesia villagers. SWG provides not just a self-sustaining toilet for a village household, it also uses the waste to fertilize a small plot of land for growing some crops, such as chili. SWG provides a sanitation solution that will reduce the common problems of diarrhea and stunting; providing, as well as contributing to support food self-sufficiency and income supplement through sales of crops for the low-income families in rural Indonesia.

SWG is developed jointly by Safe Water Gardens Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based social enterprise, with 3 universities (from Indonesia, Singapore, Holland). SWG was successfully piloted rural households in Riau Islands province of Indonesia, and was recognised in 2020 by PUSKIM (Public Works and Public Housing Research and Development Agency of Indonesia) to satisfy their national standards.

We will like to support the funding of implementing SWGs for a pilot village (of 50-100 households) in the West Java province of Indonesia. The funding will also support research to further enhance the SWG solution and hygiene education program for the villagers.


Water, sanitation, and hygiene


Safe Water Gardens Pte Ltd has designed and developed, together with researchers from National University of Singapore and Universitas Gadjah Mada, the Safe Water Garden solution that has been recognised by Indonesia government agency PUSKIM. Their team will be responsible to execution of this pilot village project: technical consultancy on the solution implementation and how to effectively engage local villagers; sourcing local materials and contractors; on-site training local villagers on the installation and supervision to ensure quality control; support the collection of scientific data to support research study on how to scale the implementation of such solution nationwide to address Indonesia's rural sanitation problems

National Institute of Technology Bandung, represented by Mr. Iwan Juwana, S.T., M.EM.,Ph.D, will lead student volunteers to support this community project, performing tasks of promoting hygiene education and independent research on the best practices to implement such a sanitation solution in rural Indonesia.

The total budget for this Global Grant to implement this Safe Water Garden comes to US$45,000.
So far, we have secured US$12,130 in DDF, giving us a total funding of US$24,260 with 1:1 matching from World Fund; or US$20,740 shortfall.
As such, we are hoping to gather some support from other Rotary Districts for US$10,370 in DDF; or US$20,740 in additional CASH contribution.
Hope you can help disseminate info. We are looking for partners to bring hope to the people of Bandung. 🙏

Rtn Chew Ban-Seng
Charter President
Rotary Eclub of 3310
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