President’s Message for October 2021

Saturday, 2 October 2021 | View:

Rtn Dr Doris Ang commenced screening of students from Spectra Secondary School for the Visual Processing Disorder, Irlen Project. Eight students were identified for further diagnosis. This has been a fruitful start to a worthy community project. 

As part of Rotary’s commitment to serve to change lives, E-Club 3310 has invited the partnership of Spectra Secondary School to embark on a project with the use of Irlen Lens to treat students with Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome).  

Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome) is a neurological disorder where the brain has difficulty or an inability to process certain wavelengths of light. Students with this condition suffer from visual stress which can manifest itself both as visual discomfort and difficulty with reading, copying and writing. They are not able to see prints clearly because they see distortions such as words moving, shaking, blurry, this makes reading painful for them. They also experience physical symptoms including headaches, dizziness, eye strain, fatigue, nausea and migraine. In addition, copying from the whiteboard in school is difficult for them. 

Visual processing and learning are intimately related. Hence, with Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome), one’s ability to learn will be compromised due to the difficulty of processing visual information. Academic struggles may lead to low self-esteem, withdrawal, behavioral problems, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts.

Irlen Syndrome can be treated with the use of Irlen lenses which filter out the wavelengths of light that stress the brain. This alleviates the symptoms of Visual Processing Disorder, enabling the individuals to process visual information more accurately, making reading more comfortable. The objective of this project is to issue these Irlen lenses to help underprivileged students at Spectra Secondary School who are currently under the Financial Assistance Scheme to treat their Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome). The cost of a pair of Irlen lenses is $500. 

We ask for your generous donations to help these students to overcome their visual processing barrier and lead them on their journey of learning and provide them the opportunity to succeed with a bright future. Our target is SGD20,000.

Rotarian Gabrielle Gou participated in the COVID-19 Virtual Concert organized by District 3350 with a wonderful rendition of “The Prayer” with Corey Koh.

The installation of the Safe Water Gardens Global Grant project commenced installation last week. We are all excited to see the project come to the implementation phase which will have a strong impact on contributing to the sanitation of the Nagrak village community, Indonesia.

Students participating in the Sustainability Competition at Temasek Polytechnic have completed their work on their projects and are all preparing for the final presentations to be held on the 1st of October. All projects are worthy of special mention. We look forward to hearing from the participants on their work towards a sustainable future.

World Polio Day falls on 24th October and we celebrate Rotary’s tremendous progress in the effort to eradicate polio. Please donate at

Warmest Regards,
Eddie Ho
President, Rotary E-Club of 3310