President’s Message for May 2019

Thursday, 9 May 2019 | View:

Dear Friends of Rotary and Fellow Rotarians,

On behalf of RC EClub of 3310, we would like to to thank all our donors, volunteers, Friends of Rotary and Fellow Rotarians for your support and participation in our events. Wishing All A Happy Labour Day!!!

A summary of key milestones and achievements for the month of April are as follows:

  1. AG Shirin, PE Gracy and Rtn Ruby attended DISCON Penang 2019.
  2. RC EClub of 3310 was awarded DIstrict 3310 Governor’s Special Award 2019 with distinction.
  3. PP Chee Wee and his beautiful wife Wenee participated in RC Kuching Central Charity Run April 2019.
  4. Pres Richard Ong attended 2 days FRCS Strategic Planning Workshop @ The British Club. The purpose was to identify the strategy and action plans for FRCS on how to better serve Rotary clubs and the community in Singapore.
  5. RC EClub of 3310 with D3300 through our sister club, Rotary Club of Bandar Utama and Rotary Club of Cheras involved in Autism project. Rtn Juho Laakkola will be attending the 2-day hands-on Rotary Autism Training @ Jaya, KL. 


We are pleased to announce the upcoming Fundraising events as follows: 

15th Jun 19 — Rotary Flag Day

Nov 19 — Rotary Eldercare & Caregivers Center Fundraising Charity Movie

Dec 19 – Golf Charity 2019 

Feb 20 — Charity Fundraising Dinner 

Mar 20 — Rotary Charity Walk 2020

Bring A Friend and share with them “Who is Rotary?” Come and attend our monthly physical meeting on 9th May 2019 @ Chinatown Point.

President Richard Ong 
Rotary Year 2018-2019
Rotary EClub of 3310