President’s Message for September 2019

Monday, 9 September 2019 | View:

01 September 2019. A date I will remember. This day, I lost my dearest ex boss, a mentor who has shaped me to become the person I am today in my career. His ways were not for everyone. It was tough love. Ever demanding, ever driven, ever ready. And he expected no less from me.

He gave most of his life to work but he thoroughly enjoyed every challenge and every friend he made. We were all in awe during the wake. It wasn’t until his departure that I witnessed the full extent of the impact he made in so many people's lives. So many. Everyone has a profound story to share on his influence in their lives. I have to say it was certainly a life well lived.

It prompted me to ask myself if I have impacted others with my life. How would I like to leave my legacy. As a Rotarian writing to Rotarians, I could well assume we are here because we have the intention to impact someone else’s life. Hence let us take a minute to reflect what we have achieved so far. Are we happy with it? Is it enough or we know we can do more?

I was tasked to organize a charity movie night in support of the building of our first ever Rotary Eldercare and Caregiver Centre (RECC) in Singapore. Together with the committee, we have decided that for every $100 raised, a complimentary movie ticket to the new release of “Charlie’s Angels” will be given. The movie will be held on the evening of 14 November 2019 at Lido 4. We have designed and circulated the flyer to this warming cause.

Fund raising is never an easy task. It requires much effort, some courage and the ability to touch someone enough to call to action. But it’s a challenge we as Rotarians have to take up. Because everything we do, the result is always to better others' lives. We are here because of them.

So I urge everyone to do a little more to impact more lives. At times, we may not see nor experience the result of our efforts. But take heart that it’s definitely there. Please help to donate and share this fund raising charity movie event. The Rotary Eldercare and Caregiver Centre will be operating in Bukit Gombak, serving 13 HDB blocks with up to 2,500 seniors who are 60yrs or older. The facility will provide a caring environment for the elderly and their caregivers to gather, befriend, obtain help and support one another. They also get to participate in activities and benefit from the support services and programs. There will be a community café, caregivers support network, educational workshops, information sharing and in-house social workers for quick assessment & intervention.

We have promoted the e-flyer in all our RC Eclub chatgroups, other rotary chatgroups, on Facebook as well as our Instagram. Please share and help to raise more funds to built and sustain the upcoming RECC.

Thank you, my fellow Rotarians. We will always be a vibrant club with inspiring individuals like you.


President Terissa Tan
Rotary Year 2019-2020
Rotary E-Club of 3310