President’s Message for February-March 2020

Thursday, 19 March 2020 | View:

Novel Coronavirus has changed our lives, forever. In the midst of fear and panic, regular routines and old habits have been turned upside down.

Nevertheless, as Rotarians, we try to maintain some sanity as we begin to understand Covid-19 which has over 100 cases in Singapore; which to date, more than 70 patients have been discharged.

Cancellation of public events, travel restrictions, new business continuity plans, video conferencing are the order of the day. Regardless, people need to learn to wash their hands often and be more conscious of personal hygienes. One of the casualties is the cancellation of our planned World Understanding & Peace Day Celebration at Conrad Centennial Singapore. The other is the rescheduling of PETS/DISTAS to end April/early May 2020 (tentatively).

In February, we continued with our monthly meeting at FRCS albeit the attendance was half of usual. Our next physical meeting is on 12 March 2020. So we hope to see more of you. We miss you all!

Our club remains active in February and going forward in March. We were in Pontian on 15 February 2020 to witness the handover of Pontian Palliative Care Unit to Rotary Club of Pontian by Rtn Dr Doris Ang and will be in Historical Melaka for World Speech Day 2020 on 15 March 2020.

Incoming board members under PE Eddie Ho can also prepare for their term in office by accessing Club Officers Basic Courses.

See you guys soon at FRCS on 12 March 2020.

Terissa Rafaelle Tan
President 2019-2020