President’s Message for April 2020

Wednesday, 8 April 2020 | View:

Circuit breaker, Lockdown or MCO – whichever word is used don’t matter. End day, the message to everyone is clear. Avoid contact unnecessarily. It’s for the greater good. Regardless if it’s relatives, friends, colleagues, business or social. The virus does not choose it’s victims based on type of event or day or race or gender whatever. Humans and animals are all not spared. If I can’t even see my mother, why is it even okay to see anyone else? (Just an analogy)

Please stay home, stay safe everyone… not meeting is as good as helping everyone. That’s good enough for now. Do our part not to encourage spreading. That’s also what a Rotarian should do. Want to help others? Be a circuit breaker.

Nothing else matters if lives are gone. Our actions may be an indirect result of someone else’s life gone, because the biggest concern now are the asymptomatic people. Could be you or me. No one knows.

Let us look forward to brighter days when our battle with covid19 is over. Where the flowers will bloom, children’s laughter is heard and smiles are overflowing once again.

This will be the time Rotarians will be in full gear. Roaring ahead to rebuild lives and strengthen ties for it is almost certain that our economical, financial, social and even psychological state will be greatly shaken. No one knows yet how great the rippling effect will be across the globe.

Our humanitarian efforts will be tested. And we will serve our best. See you on 9 April 2020 at ‘Live’ and virtual meeting @8pm.

Stay safe,
Terissa Rafaelle Tan
President ‪2019-2020‬