World Speech Day Singapore – Panel Discussion on “Becoming a Global Citizen”

Sunday, 3 May 2020 | View:

Come join us for this hour long “LiveStream” panel discussion on  “Becoming a Global CItizen” on 12 May 2020 at 5pm Singapore time.

This panel discussion is organised by World Speech Day (Singapore) and supported by the Rotary E-Club of 3310.

This “Live Event” will be moderated by Charter President of the Rotary E-Club of 3310, Chew Ban Seng. Together with his 3 panelists, Dr. Ernest Chen, founding president of World Speech Day (Singpaore), Mr. Simon Gibson, founder of World Speech Day (UK), and Past President Ching Kwock Wing, Chair of World Speech Day (Singapore) 2021.

Join them to hear stories of how you can get involved in the local, national and global communities.

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